Anticipated Urban Fantasy of 2019



Book 1 due in Spring 2019

Written by Mikki Noble


Augur of shadows: The destined series book 1

Written by Jacob Rundle

Releases February 26, 2019


Other Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

Kate Breuer Unreleased Urban Fantasy Title 2019

Becca Lynn “A Place to Run” Summer 2019


Anticipated High Fantasy of 2019


Stars like sacrifice

Written by Brie Farmer

Releases February 2019.

The stars have manipulated the lives of four beings and they are not done yet. Nyole is soon reunited with Saphryis to rest before finishing princess’s memories. During this time, he finds himself drawn closer to her, yet his growing feelings are the least of his worries. The dead king’s soul still hides deep with in him, along with a new magic that does not want to listen. Not only that but Saphryis seems focused on keeping his growing feelings at bay and forcing distance. Confused and not willing to give up, he spends every second of the small amount of time they have, with her. But she is keeping secrets once again and King Nyole is not happy about being left out of her plans. Their time to relax soon ends and the last door must be opened. A door that hides what truly happened between her and the late King Pryce. Memories of why her magic and memories are locked away. Who knows of what is to come and just how many people will play a role in the war that is to come. With one final plan to unfold before the war, Saphryis must shatter the heart of the one person that holds hers. In the last bit of calm before the storm, the Stars will put all the beings in place.


Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

James Stevens Unrevealed Title Releasing 2019; Author of Fern Majestic

Joseph S. Samaniego Unrevealed Title Releasing Fall 2019; Author of Legends of the Carolyngian Age

L.A. Wasielewski Unrevealed Title Releasing 2019; Author of Alchemist: Dawn of Destiny

W.S. Ryan Unrevealed Title Releasing 2019; Author of The Ravenwalker: Oceans of Humanity



Anticipated Dark Fantasy of 2019


Hallow book 2

Thrown into a battle of courts and factions, tangled in a web of intrigues and palatial games, naïve Ariel is surrounded by powerful angels, chasing their own agendas.

Released Date May 1, 2019


For blood & glory

Chronicles of the 13th tribe

Written by Cassandra A. Hendricks

Releases March 19, 2019

Other Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

Shayne Silvers Unrevealed Title 2019

Jenna Moreci The Savior’s Sister 2019



Anticipated Paranormal Fantasy of 2019


Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

L.D. Nash Sentinel: Demon Assassin May 14, 2019



Anticipated Magical Realism of 2019


Metamorphs: return of the


Releases January 7, 2019

Written by Yuri Jean-Baptiste

16 year-old Tristan Davids makes an unexpected discovery on his birthday, when he learns that he’s from a prominent family of super-heroes known as Metamorphs. Now he’s been sent to the Academy, despite not having any powers of his own. Viewed as an outcast amongst his peers and newfound rivals, Tristan will need to rely upon the uneasy alliance between his new teammates if he wishes to succeed at the school. As if managing to navigate through the obstacles of his new life wasn’t enough, Tristan soon discovers a plot to overthrow his new home by a mysterious group of supervillains, known as The Legion. Can Tristan rallying his teammates behind him, unlock his abilities, and discover what it means to be truly special before it’s too late?

Authors with Titles Releasing 2019

Micah Chaim Unrevealed Magical Realism Title 2019 

download (1).jpeg

Anticipated Romance of 2019


Racing into love

Written by Noah Steele

Releases January 15, 2019

Aiden Reed is stuck in a major boy rut.

Every date ends in something worse than disaster—boredom.
That is, until star racer Derrek Luna crashes the end of a terrible date at Aiden’s cozy bookstore. Derrek’s confident charm and killer good looks throw Aiden’s quiet, cautious world into chaos when he says he wants a shot at Aiden’s heart.
Derrek is sure Aiden is different. He’s sure Aiden won’t just vanish without a word. Not like the others did. But the closer Derrek gets to the man who charmed him without a word from across a crowded room, the more his life on the track threatens to keep them apart.
Aiden is ready to take the risk—he thinks.
What if Aiden’s panic attacks scare Derrek away?
What if Derrek’s ghosts come back to haunt him?
…what if it doesn’t matter because they’re already in love?
Racing into Love is a gay instalove romantic drama ready and waiting to take you from zero to sixty with every turn of the page.

Authors with Titles Releasing 2019

Patricia Woodside Love Baked Fight Releases Second Half of 2019 

Leah Niles Roadtrip Freedom July 10, 2019


Anticipated Paranormal Romance of 2019


Trust the wolf

Written by Zoe Ashwood

Releases January 24, 2019

You never forget your first wolf. Emilia’s first encounter with Jason is memorable: it’s not every day you see a stranger change into a wolf. Her attraction to him is undeniable, but the secret he shares shakes the foundations of her life. Jason’s need for Emilia unnerves him. It’s his job to report shifters without proper ID, yet he can’t make himself do it this time. The decision bites him in the tail when he discovers exactly who she is. He must keep his distance—or there will be hell to pay. Their fates entwine when rogue shifters learn of Emilia’s identity and will stop at nothing to get to her. Emilia and Jason will have to fight together or risk losing everything. But most of all? Emilia must learn to trust the wolf.

Authors with Releasing Titles in 2019

Shannon Reber Unrevealed Title 2019

Sarah Bailey Lucifer’s Cage 2019 

Jeffery Allan Boman Unrevealed Title 2019


Anticipated Horror Fiction of 2019


Lost girls

Written by Caitlyn Grey

Releases January 14, 2019

It’s a thriller novel about a girl who finds herself on a missing person poster when she got de-railed from her jogging trail.



Anticipated Science Fiction of 2019


The nexus

Date isn’t set, but it releases 2019

Written by Jorge Valdivieso III


The Reaping

Date isn’t set, but it releases in 2019

Written by Jorge Valdivieso III



Written by Ja-Mel Vinson

Releases March 19, 2019

The day before moving into her new dorm, college freshman, Maya Lilac, has a nightmare that ends with her coming face-to-face with a second version of herself. After being haunted by the dream during move-in day, she finally comes in contact with her double, nicknamed “Lucent”, and learns that she actually has powers and can—among other things—make her dreams come true.
Maya soon discovers, however, that she’s the True Dreamer, a person reaching back as far as Joan of Arc that’s tasked with protecting her species from any and all threats… including her seemingly-peaceful and non-combative double. But, not everyone shares Maya’s vision that her clone isn’t out to harm anybody, especially her mother. As Maya and her mother fight over whether Lucent is a legitimate threat, Maya trains in her now-active powers to fulfill her destiny of protecting the world, whether she has to take care of Lucent or not.


3 sides of war

Written by Brie Farmer

Releases November 2019

Two Nations at war and a resistance trying to end the killing. When Solider 7 of Free falls for Special Major Adam Blaine of Branch, she was already in turmoil. Unsure if Free was truly helping or prolonging the war. Decisions must be made, sides must be chosen, and lines will be blurred. Solider Seven is none other then Devan William, and the top soldier in the rebellion force, Free. She finds herself falling far too quickly for a man she met in an airport, Special Major Adam Blaine. But, when Free finds out Devan feeds them information she steals from Adam to keep them happy. Until one day her past comes back to hunt her and the demons she thought had forgotten about her want her back. Those demons are systematically assassinating Branch leaders one by one. When Adam is next on their list, they give her an option. Stand aside and let the man she is falling for die, or lose her unknown face. Will she allow Adam to be the reason her true name see the light of day again? Falling in love, a crumbling milita force, and a war that has no end in sight. Devan must protect the family she created after surviving, the man she loves, and the innocents she swore to.


thought warriors: the coming of kalki

Written by Poulomi Sanyal

Releases February 10, 2019


Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

C.R. Dudley Death Unrevealed Title 2019

Sean McMahon Fir Lodge Book 2 2019

C.D. Tavenor The First of Their Kind March 2019

William F. Aicher Happier, Forgotten, The Hole in the Basement, Indie Author Guide

Lindsay Redifer Unrevealed Title 2019

Cherly Lawson Storm at Dawn: Book 2 of Rubicon Saga Mid 2019

Patrick F. Johnson Book 4 of the Monster of Earth Series 2019

Lisa Stapleton Soul Echo: Divide Spring 2019

The Essential Historical Fiction List.jpg

Anticipated Historical Fiction of 2019



Anticipated Fairy Tale Titles of 2019


images (3).jpeg

Anticipated Mystery/Thrillers of 2019


inside out

Written by Tiffany C. Lewis

Detective Michael Taylor, of the Oakland PD, is the lead on a horrific serial killer case. For six weeks, he has been cleaning up mounds of the killer’s mess. Bodies of men have been found chopped up and left, skin down, for display. Michael, mysterious to many in his department, is desperate to solve this case.

Michael’s only form of stress relief, Candy, a stripper employed at a San Francisco club, begins to show genuine interest in him and they form a relationship a midst all the chaos that is Michael’s life. Between interviews and police reports, Michael makes time for her.

Candy, more commonly known as Vanessa, gets tangled in Michael's case as things unfold. A killer’s desire for retribution leaves her a victim of crime. Vanessa has to use her wit and charm to keep a killer at bay as she leaves bread crumbs for Michael to follow. The lovers must survive a serial killers plot for vengeance while practicing trust and loyalty throughout.



Written by Tiffany C. Lewis

Releases February 2019

After catching a grisly Bay Area serial killer, Michael is hit on all sides by change. He starts his investigation with a rookie detective for a partner, his love life is in turmoil, and the pressure at the PD is mounting as the newly minted partners receive a second case that is being pressed as a priority. Michael, the consummate loner, has to manage all of his new relationships, keep his wits and juggle the demands of the PD as he tries to get justice for his victim.

Just as the tag team start to hit a stride, the murder attempts start to pile up and Michael is in the crosshairs. The duo must work fast to defend their victim and save Michael’s life.

Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

Paul Blake Unrevealed Title Releasing 2019 

Richard T. Ryan The Merchant of Menace: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure 2019


Anticipated Space Operas of 2019



Anticipated Cyberpunk of 2019



Anticipated Gothic Fiction of 2019


images (1).jpeg

Anticipated Steampunk of 2019


Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

RJ Metcalf Betrayal of Blood (Prequel) & Traitor’s Crown Spring (Book 3) 2019



Anticipated Action/Adventure of 2019

Final Cover.jpg

captain hawklin and the shadow men

Written by Charles F. Millhouse

Releases February 2019


secret panorama

grunium duology
book 1

Written by C.S. Voll

Releases February 7, 2019

Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019


Anticipated Poetry of 2019


Authors with Titles Releasing in 2019

Jessica Ryan Unrevealed Title Releasing 2019

Lenee H. Unrevealed Title Releasing 2019 


Anticipated LGBTQ of 2019


Enough Blue Sky to mend a pair of sailor’s trousers

Written by Clyde Andrews

Releases January 14, 2019

Dave Brockman's death really changed his life..


Authors with Titles Releasing 2019

Clyde Andrews The Battle of Crystal & Water June 2019

Amara Lynn Raven: Masks #2 2019

Eliott Griffen What We Want (March 2019); What We Fear (July 2019); What We Need (December 2019)



Anticipated Apocalyptical/Dystopian of 2019


city of kaiju

Written by Steven Capobianco

A city overrun by giant monsters. Siblings separated by terror and chaos. And a large hybrid monster who becomes their unlikely ally.

Valor City was the highlight of the world. During a graduation ceremony, an invasion by an army of giant beasts sends the once mighty city into Chaos. Separated from her sister, Sandra Lake must navigate a city filled with the biggest, baddest monsters ever to invade their world. However, a chance encounter with a dog-lizard hybrid, whom she names Bennie, gives her a renewed purpose for survival.

The only thing standing in their way is the being that started it all: King Obsidian, the monstrous kaiju whose presence alone instills fear into the hearts of the humans they feast on. Sandra, Kelsey, and Bennie must escape Valor City, before they become food for the kaiju army.



Anticipated Short Stories of 2019


images (2).jpeg

Anticipated Non-Fiction of 2019



Anticipated Children’s Books of 2019


Miss curiosity saves the cat

Written by Megan Lukas

Available January 1, 2019

On a cold, stormy day Gemma hears a cry for help and bravely ventures outside on a rescue mission. Enlisting the help of Mom and Dad, and by using her head, Gemma looks, feels, and listens for clues to track down and befriend the stranded fluffy creature! In this case, curiosity most definitely saves the cat!

Elements of STEM, perfect for ages 3-8.


Autores independientes anticipados de 2019


Liembra bien la semilla…cosecha maravillas

Plant the seeds well…expect wonders

Escrito Por Nury Castillo Crawford

Written By Nury Castillo Crawford

Releases 2019


Medianoche viene con el amanecer

Escrito Por Darlene Burns

Written by Darlene Burns

Mujeres. Sangre infectada. Cuerpos putrefáctos. Bienvenidos al mundo de Katrine Baten, tambien conocida como Medianoche. Es una de las Vampyirs más viejas que existen y solamente se rodea con deleites a la vista. 
Algo está destryendo no solamente el mundo Vampyir, sino tambien el mundo Humano. Medianoche, junto con su aquelarre, busca una cura para el virus ¡Y lo que encuentre la hará determinar si enfrentará o no a la Muerte Máxima! (English Version)