The Blogger Recognition Award


I’ve been nominated for the blogger recognition award, and I’d like to thank @alexis_clear on Twitter for nominating me!!!! So, about the Award: The Blogger Recognition Award is given by bloggers to other bloggers. This award is an avenue of acknowledging the hard work and talent of our fellow teammates and allows their stories to be showcased and shared among a wider audience.

The Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and add a link to their blog

Write a post on your site displaying the award and explain why you started your blog.

Write two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

Nominate and notify 15 other bloggers.
















Why did I start blogging? Hmm….I loved to discuss books, writing, languages, and anything else that I like. I saw that people were doing it, so I decided to do the same thing. Why not? In my life, I had let fear stop me from doing many things that I wanted to do until the day I told myself that I was no longer going to allow my fear stop me. So, I started blogging about books and writing. I love reading and writing. And, maybe something that I say will help someone do the same thing that I told myself years ago.

Advice for Bloggers

1) Blog about ANYTHING you want!!! If you aren’t engaged about what you’re writing then the readers won’t either. Why waste the time not enjoying what you’re doing? You love books? Blog about book reviews. You love to write? Blog about your writing process, tips, or strategies. It doesn’t matter…you must love it yourself.

2) Don’t do it to make money. Success will come to those who put in the effort. Be consistent. Stay focused. Pour your love into it. Then, you’ll be successful!