Book Reviews: How and Why are They Important?

Hello My Amazing Readers!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back to blogging. I hope you all had an amazing/relaxing time with friends, family or alone. It’s a time of reflection and spending time with those you love.

So, what am I to blog about today? After making a few lists, one particular topic kept showing up: Book Reviews.

This can be a somewhat heated topic with some people, but here at the Writer’s Alley, we believe in a well-structured, FREE, book review, and I am going to get into why.

First off, why even pursue books reviews? Well, the answer is really easy. A book review for any author is paramount. The book review has a few, key reasons: one, someone will read your story. Two, leaving a review on the social media platforms. i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Bookbub, Goodreads, will tell a potential reader that your story was read. Also, building a review rating will help your novel more exposure. On sites like Amazon, after a certain number of reviews, you novel will occur more in searches after a certain number of reviews. I don’t want to say it’s 25 reviews because I’ve heard conflicting reports on it. Pursue as many friends, family, book bloggers, Booktubers or anyone else. This is your novel; marketing is part of it.

And here is where it can get tricky. I believe that ANY review is better than no review. I would rather take a 1 star review says more than no star. The person may have hated the story (you should be realistic that not everyone will like your story. Someone will hate it. Someone will bad mouth it. BUT the number of people who like it/love it/reread it is way more likely). Before you start sending your story out into the world, build the thick skin about reviews. You will survive. I’m sure someone didn’t like Stephen King’s novels or JK Rowlings. I mean come on!

Secondly, you need to fully understand what a good review consists of. Here is another touchy/tricky subject, should you pay for a review? My answer is NO. Why should you pay for a review? Well, think about it. How would it look? If you were a reader, and you know the author paid for a review (it’s just an example lol), don’t you think that the review could potentially compromised? I completely understand that as a writer, you want to have as many reviews as possible, but you want authentic, genuine reviews. I reader will understand if your novel has a low rating or a high rating.

Thirdly, another important thing about getting a review: Asking before you send something! There is nothing more annoying to have someone send a novel to you without speaking to the reviewer. That is a NO-NO. Don’t do it. If someone sends me their story without speaking to me, I will not review it.

Now, I love to review novels. I read any genre; fiction or non-fiction. I don’t care what format. I am super approachable. I will make time for a book review. After we discuss what I require, I will find a date, and I immediately respond with a date to the author. I know dates are very important.

Check out my book review policy if you ever want a book review!!!!!

So, what should you take away from this blog:

1) Reviews are very important

2) Don’t pay for a review

3) Ask a reviewer before you send your novel

Contact me if you have any questions about book reviews or suggestions on how to approach book reviewers.

Have a great evening/day!