What Should I Write?

In the course of writing my debut novel, title to be revealed really soon, I started to ask myself, “what should I write? What genre is popular?” I have compiled a significant amount of research for writing a novel, and one of the sources stated to write a book in a genre that is selling well. I ask myself, “why would I want to do that?” I don’t understand why someone would write a novel in a particular genre so that it sells? And through the course of the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a trend on social media, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I truly believe that writing should come from a place of joy, excitement and motivation. One would want to write the genre that has the magic lasso that binds them. If you love fantasy, then write fantasy. You love contemporary realism then go for it. Write what you love. Please, if you remember anything from this blog, remember this, no one sees the world the way that you do. So, if you have an idea for a story, start writing. Don’t look back. Don’t worry that your story may or may not be like someone else’s. It doesn’t matter because, as I stated earlier, no one sees the world that you do. Write your beauty. Write your love. Just write!


Writing has shaped me

For years I wanted to write a piece that would motivate someone in any way possible. As many other individuals in their lives, I allowed my self doubts get in my way. Anytime that I had an idea for a story, I shrugged it off. I locked it away in the vault of my mind.

Am I good enough? What if no one reads what I wrote? Worst off, what if someone hates what I wrote? These are some of the self-damaging ideas that ran through my mind. There comes a point in your life when you need to stand up for yourself even if the villain in your story is you.

I always did well in school when I was a child, so I knew that I had talent; however, my grammar is not always perfect. I do make run-on sentences, and I still to this very day hate semi-colons. Should I have allowed these insignificancies stop me? The answer is always no.

One afternoon on a day off, I had the idea to write. I had no idea why I had the idea run through my head. There was a few moments when those pesky old insecurities came creeping back, and I started to doubt myself and my abilities. After a few minutes of mental torture, I said enough is enough. I picked up a pen, and I started to write. I wrote for hours and hours. At the end of the day, I examined my writing, and I wrote more than 10K words!!!

A very important lesson, that I have learned in the time that I started writing, is that the only person that gets in your way is you. We all need to love who we are, and we need to find the self-confidence in ourselves so that we can share the stories that we have. I truly believe that each and every story that one has in their minds will affect someone. Maybe that one person needs your story to get through a hard time. Maybe a young boy or girl is confused, and they read a story where the Main Character (MC) is going through a similar situation.

I have embraced who I am as a writer. No one is perfect. Not everyone will remember where the comma goes ( I really do hate commas). You will make mistakes. Someone will give you a bad review (I believe that you aren’t a true author till you get a bad review). And you will doubt your abilities, but you must get through the bad spot, the writer’s block. You will get through it. I know that writing has made me a much better person, and I love who I am. So should you. <3