What makes someone a good writer?

I was recently asked this question by a fellow author (Allen T. St. Claire), “what makes a someone a good writer?” Throughout my day, I was pondering what traits does one require? If you go further, what makes someone a writer?

So, let’s analyze the inquiry.

What makes someone a writer?

I know that everyone has their own opinion when it comes what makes someone a writer. Does it take a four year degree? Do you have to be able to outline? Are “pantsers” writers? Do you have to sell a certain amount of books before you’re consider a real author?

In my opinion, a writer is someone who has an idea. The difference between a writer and an artist is how we express our creativity. I express my inner words by putting them on paper…or a laptop. Do I have a four-year degree in Creative Writing? No. Do I outline? I actually outlined the 2nd book of my series to see how it would go….and I actually liked it. Have I sold any books? I actually have a good amount of pre-orders, so I feel confident, but that isn’t why I consider myself a writer. As I stated above, I put the worlds I create on a piece of paper, and I share them with the world. I pray that everyone loves them, but not everyone will like my stories.

Even though I am a new writer, there seems to be a common theme on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that I am seeing. There are newer writers make statements that they aren’t true writers or they can’t wait to be a writer. And I say, “you are a writer!”

Believe in yourself….trust in your talents. Writing is a skill, and a skill that will forever grow.

What makes a good writer?


To me, a good writer is someone who completely believes in their stories. There story truly embodies the writer’s heart and soul. I truly believe that a reader will be able to tell how much effort you put into your story.

So, please writers, believe in yourself. You don’t need someone else telling you how amazing you are!

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