Guest Blog #1: Allen St. Clair

Hello Everyone! Well, I have added a new section to my website, Guest Blogs! I have met some really great people who have allowed me to write a blog posting or mentioned me on their platform. I wanted to do the same thing. So, allow me to present Allen St. Clair! He runs the great blog Midnight Goose

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An author, as defined by Merriam-Webster is “the writer of a literary work (such as a book)” or “one that originates or creates something.”  A writer, as also defined by Merriam-Webster is “one that writes: such as an author.”

You know one thing that gets under my skin within the writing community?  Labels and definitions of what it is each of us does.  Not the labels we create for ourselves but the ones we impose on each other.  We like to say things like “I am a published author and he/she is a wriiiiiter.”

What does that even mean?

He/She is a published author.

He/She is an independently published author.

Stop it.

Being a writer, an author, traditionally published, independently published, blogger, vlogger, whatever it is you are, makes you a Creative.  I adore Creatives.

Do you know what I call myself?  A storyteller.  I like to tell stories when I write.  I like the way that humans connect viscerally with the written word.  I don’t put as much importance in things like if traditional rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and syntax are followed.  If something is good—if it tells a good story, I can get over almost anything else.  If I put a book down after reading it and look off into the distance to something only I can see—if I felt transported—that was a good piece of writing.  It doesn’t matter who wrote it or how it got into my hands.  It meant something profound to me.

The person who wrote whatever it is that I read did something that mattered—they entertained, connected, informed, educated, moved me, made me examine my own beliefs and ideas…they did something that transcends all the other arbitrary rules and labels that others in the industry try to push down our throats.

Jonathan Larson, the writer of the rock musical Rent put the lyric: “The opposite of war isn’t peace—it’s creation” into his song La Vie Boheme A&B.  Creation is a fundamental rule of creating peace.  Of connecting one human being to another.  To sharing the human experience.  To proving that we’re not all that different.  That we’re all in this together.

Creatives, at their core, crave connection, sharing, finding similarities to others…to bringing about peace.  We creatives—writers and authors and storytellers—are on the same side.  We all have a story to tell and we should all tell them in our own way, as genuinely as possible, otherwise, the stories are all the same.  We won’t find all of the different connections and similarities and ways of creating peace.

Writers and authors and creatives and storytellers do not have to be at war with each other.  We do not have to be egomaniacs.  It’s trite, but true: a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. 

Get out there and tell your story.  Share it with anyone who wants to connect with it.  And when someone else shares their story, help them spread it to the wind. 

Create peace, my fellow Creatives.


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