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Welcome back to The Writer’s Alley! Thank you for taking the time to meet our next author—Ashley Lynn. She has agree to tell us about herself with some advice. Like I always say, “buckle your seat belts and prepare yourself!”



I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a graphic designer, an indie nature photographer and many other things, but I am also and always have been, a writer. I have written since I can remember. My very first poem was about bubbles; my first short story was about animals; and my first attempt at a novel (that was never finished) was going to be about growing up. If I hadn’t moved around so often when I was younger, I’d likely still have them lying around somewhere in a folder. I have notebooks upon journals of written works. My poems have been published through The International Library of Poetry, winning me two Editor’s Choice Awards on separate occasions. I have also recently self-published some of my poetry in a collection called Of Free Forms & Rhymes. I was the editor and designer of my high school’s Literary & Art Magazine and I wrote a small skit called Fitting In for Hidden Valley Voices. Writing is apart of me just as much as the roots are part of a plant. It wasn’t until last year when I started getting serious about publishing them and getting my ideas down for my fantasy novel. I still don’t understand why it took me so long; I suppose fear was a huge factor. However, just getting out there and self-publishing despite all of my inner thoughts was one of the best feelings ever. I may not be a signed author or well known, but I am doing what I love and what I have always done and now I am getting the chance to share it with my kids and a few handful of people who love the craft as much as I do and I feel like that is what is the blessing. It hasn’t always been easy having enough confidence to put myself out there as a writer, well as any type of artist; but I have found a great writing community within Twiiter, found out that once I opened up about my writing, friends and family were much more supportive than I had anticipated and I also joined a monthly poetry group as another way of sharing what I what and supporting other writers as well. I am a multi-genre writer, which means today I could be spending the day in fields of green, with dancing daisies, while listening to birds sing as I prance along with poetry. Or I could be standing next to someone in the wake of something extreme, if only for a moment and then the moment is gone because I am working with short stories. Or finally I could be setting the scene to play out for a while with a nice cup of tea and scones because I am spending the day lost in the words of a fantasy novel. I love being a writer.


Upcoming Projects:

I am currently editing the proof of A Single Sitting Prose: A Collection of Short Stories Release date of mid-late August. I am also working on a second collection of poetry and my first junior fantasy novel.