Guest Blog Week Round 8


Nick Andre


School and 40

Waking up everyday to chase your dreams and work an 8 hour day is never easy. The daily routine that I go through on a daily basis would wear any human being down. Each day I’m a step away from having the career that I want and I work extremely hard to make sure that I secure it. But I also have to make sure that the bills are paid and that there is food on the table. It’s a major sacrifice that has to be made in order for me to achieve my goals. I sit in class everyday trying to understand what it takes for me to become the greatest that I can be. There are times where I’m sit there lost due to many reasons. Sometimes it could be due to lack of sleep, sometimes it’s from the fact that I have no idea what my professor is talking about whatsoever. The challenges are there for me at school and then I have to carry it all with me when I go straight to work right after. When I go to work, there’s various things that can bring stress to you. Working in retail, there could be an angry customer that could give you a hard time, there could be another employee not doing their job correctly, or even a manager could ask you to do a difficult task that you know you can’t handle on your own. There are moments where deep down I want to just get up and quit but I understand that I must make sure that my finances are good and I keep my priorities maintained. Although it may be a struggle, going to college and work isn’t always bad. You have your good days and then you have your bad days. But once again there is a sacrifice that comes with this life. Less time with friends, more time staying up late studying, but in the end it’s all worth it. At this very moment, I’m halfway done with college and I cannot stop at this point. My goal is to continue with school and working 40 hours each week and eventually receive my degree that I know I worked very hard for.