My Book Review Policy


You want your novel reviewed? Great.

Hello you writer you!

I am happy to review your novel for free. I won’t accept monetary fee. The only thing that I will require is to receive the book. You may send the eBook or paperback. I don’t have a preference; however, sending the eBook would allow me to finish the novel in a more timely fashion.

My reviews are first come first serve. Let’s not be selfish.

I do my reviews my way. I will read the novel in its entirety. Followed by a written critique I will send to you, and I will post my review on my website.

I score them a # out of 5 plus I give your cover a letter grade that goes into the final score.

Let’s be honest, everyone judges a book by their cover, as do I.

Contact me on here, my twitter, Facebook or Instagram. I am always open to book reviews. I’m here to support all writers.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if there is anything that you don’t understand.