And the winner is....Elysian Prophecy!

Hello ladies and gents!

I am so happy that you have decided to stop by my review page so that you are able to see what great works of literature are out there! Yes, there is a drum roll….the drum keeps rolling….wow, the drum won’t stop rolling. Okay, the drum finally stopped. Anyway, for my first book review, I wanted to review the stunning novel by Vivien Reis Elysian Prophecy. I recently posted my review on Goodreads, so you should go check that out with all of the other reviews! Now, on to the good stuff……

Vivien Reis's world, that she created, is one of the most enthralling lands I have seen and wanted to visit in such a long time. Her character development was well thought out, and I enjoyed the theme of family and the issues that every family encounters. Also, I ALWAYS love a story that involves magic. I thought her system was very interesting. Everyone should give her novel a chance. I couldn't put it down!

I am in love with the cover art! The artist did a fantastic job. The dark colors and tones really drew me into the story in the first place. No matter what anyone says, a reader DOES judge a book by its cover, and this cover doesn’t disappoint. My favorite part of the color is the beautiful red/garnet on the crystal. Absolutely stunning!

I highly recommend this novel to everyone who loves YA fantasy. So, go pick up your copy today!!!!!!!

Check out her website at or get a copy of her book on Amazon!!!!

Check out her website at or get a copy of her book on Amazon!!!!