Absolution Book Review


Title: Absolution

Author: Charles Millhouse

Genre: Sci-Fi

Pages: 346

Cover: A

Rating: 5/5


Smuggling. It can get you killed.

Trouble follows Serena, even from the remote mining colony of Broker Rodune. She lives by a simple code: take the job, don’t ask questions, get paid. When she’s approached by the outpost’s local crime boss, Tobias Grey, she’s compelled to find his missing daughter.

In her search for Astra, Serena becomes entangled in local politics, and a surprising coup on the planet Rygail. With the heir to Rygail’s throne missing, now Serena has two objectives, save Astra Grey and prevent the heir’s death at the hands of the Auroran Brotherhood, thwarting their plans to plunge the galaxy into all-out war.

The life of a smuggler… is never easy.


What an absolutely stunning story by Charles Millhouse. The characters were dynamic and realistic. The plot was well throughout with really good twists and turns. I had a difficult time putting this novel down. Honestly, I was disappointed that it had ended. The plot was executed very well. I was really impressed with how Charles characters evolved/grown throughout the story. I highly recommended this one to anyone who enjoys sci-fi.

Absolution is currently on presale on Amazon. I highly recommend that you reserve your copy now. You won’t regret it.