Epic Fantasy

The World of Ulff Lehmann: Shattered Dreams & Shattered Hopes Reviews


Tites: Shattered Dreams (Book 1) & Shattered Hopes (Book 2)

Author: Ulff Lehmann

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Pages: 518 (Book 1) & 444 (Book 2)

Cover: A/A


Shattered Dreams

Epic Fantasy filled to the brim with Grimdark Reality

If one looks too long into the abyss, the abyss looks back. Drangar Ralgon has been avoiding the abyss's gaze for far too long and now he turns to face it.

For a hundred years the young kingdom of Danastaer has thrived in peace. Now their northern neighbor, mighty Chanastardh, has begun a cunning invasion.

Thrust into events far beyond his control, the mercenary Drangar Ralgon flees his solitary life as a shepherd to evade the coming war and take responsibility for his crimes.

In Dunthiochagh, Danastaer's oldest city, the holy warrior Kildanor uncovers the enemy's plans for invasion.

As ancient forces reach forth to shape the world once more, the sorceress Ealisaid wakes from a century of hibernation only to realize the Dunthiochagh she knew is no more. Magic, believed long gone, returns, and with it comes an elven wizard sent to recover a dangerous secret.

Shattered Hopes

Drangar Ralgon survived death… twice!

He has no idea how, nor is he any closer to unearthing why his beloved had to die.

Drowning in questions, Drangar receives aid from the unlikeliest of sources. The Chosen Kildanor, immortal warrior of a shunned god, has taken a liking to the mercenary. With his path to answers blocked by a besieging army, Drangar must do his part in defeating the enemy.

Reluctantly, Drangar once more prepares for war.


Shattered Dreams

Ulff Lehmann did a fantastic job with this epic fantasy. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I really enjoyed this story. I'm a lover of fantasy, but sometimes epic fantasy takes me a while to get into the story. However, not this time. The characters. The plot. The action. And, the cover. I loved it all. I didn't want to put the book down at all. My attention was held the entire time I was reading about Drangar and the kingdom of Danastaer. The magic system was awesome. I truly believe that Ulff did an amazing job with this story, and I really think that everyone who likes this genre should read the story.

Great job Ulff!

Shattered Hopes

If you enjoy complex epic fantasy stories, then you need to read book 2 in the Light in the Dark Series. Shattered Hopes is just as complex as book 1. BUT...you need to read this book. I LOVE the complexity of the story. A story that keeps you on your toes. This story picks right back up after book 1. Once again, the characters are realistic yet imaginary. The world building has to be my favorite part. A killer world with dynamic characters...who wouldn't want to read it? You need to pick up a copy now! I can't wait for BOOK 3!!!!!! You won't be disappointed when you get your copy of Shattered Hopes.