The Alchemist: Dark Horizon Book Review


Title: The Alchemist: Dark Horizon

Author: L.A. Wasielewski

Genre: Fantasy

Cover: A+

Rating: 5/5

Book Blurb:

Impending war. Lives have been lost, and the blood of the people flows fresh across the Vrelin Empire. Beaten, and without the person who means the most at his side, Ryris Bren's life has been tossed into a tailspin. He is now faced with a weighty decision that will ultimately decide not only the fate of the world but the fate of the one he loves beyond all reason. Will he be able to summon the strength to revolt against the evil scourge and take back what has been stolen from mankind? From him? With new friends, and wielding impressive new magic, he quickly realizes he is so much more than just a simple alchemist. He will not give up. He cannot fail. The time to sit back and watch has passed, for Ryris’ destiny has given him no choice but to answer the call. For himself. For the world. For love. Book Two of the Alchemist Saga.

My Review:

The second installment in The Alchemist series by L.A. Wasielewski was a great read. I enjoyed the tone of this novel far better. Why is it better? Well, if you read the first installment, the events of book 2 would be darker. Darker isn't the right word. More realistic. When something devastating happens, the after-effects would be horrible.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The characters are dynamic and realistic. You really see and feel their struggles. I found it difficult to put the book down. There are global and local situations. The actions scenes are well written and leave you saying, "wow!"

I highly recommend this story. If you like fantasy then you should get yourself a copy!

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