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Demon's Destiny (After Dark #1)


Title: Demon’s Destiny (After Dark #1)

Author(s): Sarah Bailey

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb: Rescued by a demon. An offer she can't refuse. Hell is on its way.

Walking home at night in the back streets of London was never a good idea. When her life is threatened, Ella is saved in the nick of time, only to find Lukas is a bounty hunter from Hell. Trusting the enigmatic demon with her darkest secret, Ella is inexplicably drawn to Lukas. Fighting a mutual attraction, she accepts his offer of protection, only to be dragged headlong into a word she barely knew existed. A world where demons tangle with vampires and shifters and Hell literally breaks loose.

Together they hunt down an artifact stolen from Hell. Close on their tail is the vampire mistress of London, bent on tearing apart the mystery surrounding who Ella really is. Without warning, Ella's unknown powers explode.

Can she survive the ensuing storm? Or will she lose her heart and soul in the process.

Page: 205


Rating: 5/5 (6/5 if I could)

Cover: A+

Author Website:

Review: Demon’s Destiny centered around Ella, a young woman who lived in London. One fateful night, she was attacked by a set of demons. She was rescued by a demon hunter, Lukas. He noticed something different about her and offered to provide her protection. Their meeting was the catalyst to the discovery of who and what she truly was.

The character development was well presented. When you first meet Ella, she was a scared, insecure young woman. Throughout the story and interaction with Lukas, she became the woman she was meant to be; someone who is badass and powerful. There isn’t too much back story because she doesn’t even know too much. She portrayed qualities of someone in said position. I believe that her desire to find out more about her history clouded her judgement. She was a very relatable and dynamic character.

Lukas was her partner in crime. He was a demon hunter from Hell whose world changes when he met Ella. He’s on a mission which happened to include Ella. I wish that there was more backstory on Lukas, but I figured that this is Book 1 of 5, so I wasn’t too upset.

The plot was very interesting. As per usual, I won’t ruin any of the plot, but what I can say is that the story takes you on a journey that includes Vampires, Shifters, Demons, Angels and more. I found the plot refreshing and it kept my attention the entire time. Honestly, I wasn’t able to put the book down.

Also, there are explicit scenes in the novel. And this is where Sarah’s true talent (although the book was amazing all around), her scenes were simple BUT effective. She did a FANTASTIC job on her scenes.

I give Demon’s Destiny 5/5 stars. As stated above, if I could give it 6/5 stars, I would. You know those stories where you feel sad that it’s over? This novel is one of them. Sarah’s story keeps you enthralled that you truly love the characters.

The cover gets an A+ from me. The image tells it all, but you can’t guess anything if you haven’t read the book. Ella stance on the cover gives off her personality in the book.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. You love Paranormal Romance, Demon’s Destiny is a perfect match. You love Demons, Angels, Shifters, any more, Demon’s Destiny is perfect. As I said before, it’s perfect for everyone. So, go pick up your copy and support Sarah.

You will not be disappointed. I will be doing a series review after I final After Dark #5. Sarah has Lucifer’s Cage coming out in 2019.