Where Demons Dance Book Review!


Title: Where Demons Dance

Author: Emma Briedis

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 384

Cover: B+

Rating: 4/5


A desperate widow… 
It’s 1874 in Cedar City, Utah Territory when Penelope Cavey finds her beloved husband, Henri, dead from a gunshot wound and the mysterious phrase, “demons dance” carved into the parlor mirror. Despite her brother’s attempts to dissuade her, Penelope is determined to find Henri’s killer and sets out alone for St. Joseph, a rural town in Utah—following the only clue Henri left for her. 

A lying father… 
Ava Patton is haunted by dreams of another life. Her nightmares give way to reality when her caring stepmother, Nellie, confirms her rising suspicions that the man who claims to be her father is only pretending to be, and that her real parents are dead. Astounded by this revelation, Ava sets out to uncover what became of her parents and in doing so, stumbles upon a heartbreaking tragedy. She is forced to stop her quest when her brother, Lawrence, falls seriously ill. 

A labyrinth of a mansion… 
Lawrence finds himself trapped within the winding halls of a large house, plagued by taunting voices as he struggles to escape. Unable to distinguish reality from the imaginary, Lawrence doesn’t know who or what imprisoned him there, nor to whom the house belongs. Lawrence realizes he holds the key and must find Ava and Penelope before another person is silenced.


I was given a copy of Where Demons Dance in exchange for an honest and true review. I have to stay that I don't normally read historical fiction. But, I really enjoyed this story. The story centers around Ava, Lawrence, and Penelope and the event called the Mountain Meadows Massacre. I had no knowledge of this event, which made the story even more interesting. My attention was held throughout the story. I didn't see too many flaws in the structure of the story. The reader will feel the emotions of the characters, and you'll see how the story and characters evolve. If you like historical fiction, I believe that you'll enjoy the story.