Ready for Dragolitha???

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Welcome to the Land of Dragolitha!

What an intriguing story written by Author Caleb Wright! A story of five individuals whose lives change forever after a confrontation with a wizard. How you say? They become HALF-DRAGONS! What???? Yeah…I said it. I haven’t read anything that used the idea of half-dragons before.

During the course of the story, the five come in contact with mythical beasts, and as Caleb said in his description, there are some that you will know and some that you won’t. A great way to have your imagination shine.

There’s great magical battles and confrontation. I recommendation this novel for all who love magic, fantasy and especially dragons! Check it out!

Now, I would’ve wished the story was longer. The tale’s magic is strong enough to pull you into its world, and I hated that it ended! I will be looking out for the next one.

Cover: A beautifully done emerald dragon stalks the cover of Caleb’s novel. I love the color scheme of the dragon. The artist did a great job.

****Most important****

Author: Caleb Wright

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 62

Rating: 5/5

Cover: 5/5

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