Dylan's Love

Title: Dylan’s Love

Author: Clyde Andrews

Genre: LGBTQ+/Romance

Pages: 88

Blurb: James is middle-aged. 
Dylan is young. 
James has been unlucky in love and Dylan has never been given a reason to believe in love. James has recently gone through a break-up, and Dylan hates being alone. 
One day, while James is umpiring for the local under twenty-fives pro soccer team, he has a chance encounter with Dylan. There is an immediate attraction. Sparks fly. 
Even though James is incredibly attracted to Dylan, he has to wonder if that’s enough to take the plunge and try to get over his past experiences with love. 
And even if he wants to take the chance, Dylan is too young...right? 
How could they ever work as a couple? 

A sweet, funny, sporty, and sometimes saucy May/December MM romance.

Rating: 5/5

Cover: A

Review: Clyde Andrews did it again. Dylan's Love is another LGBTQ+ categorical story that involves James and Dylan. James is a middle-aged man and Dylan is younger. The characters are well thought out and relatable. The pace is well thought out. Clyde's writing style is entertaining and effective. He isn’t afraid to use language and descriptions that most other writers stray away from, and I believe that is one reason why he is one of the better writers. A true writer isn’t afraid of what others will think He/She/They write their truth… their story. I find it a success story when I don't remember that I am reading a story, and the story maintains my focus the entire time. The story does make you think, "does age matter?" The story breaks societal stereotypes of age and relationships. I truly believe that it’s 2019, and society needs to stop worrying about why a younger man/woman/person wants to date someone who is older and NOT label another person as a gold digger, etc. Let’s bring nothing but positivity into this world. There’s enough negativity.

Dylan’s Love gets a 5/5 stars from me, and it earns an A for the cover. I love the style that Clyde has decided to use for his series of novellas.

It's another cute story from Clyde, and anyone who enjoys LGBTQ+ stories then this is another one you should check out.

He has a complete series of novellas coming out in 2019/2020. You can follow him on twitter at https://www.twitter.com/CDAndrews11

You can pick up on copy on Amazon on February 21, 2019!

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