A Great LGBTQ+ Novella


Title: Enough Blue Sky to Mend a Pair of Sailor’s Trousers

Author(s): Clyde Andrews

Genre: LGBTQ+

Pages: 31

Rating: 5/5

Cover: A

Blurb: Dave Brockman’s death really changed his life

Review: This review isn’t like the most of my other ones. Clyde gave me an advanced copy and gave me permission to do a review on his work.

First off, Enough Blue was my first LGBTQ+ novella that I have read, and it doesn’t disappoint. His story-telling was very well done. The pace of the story fit a true novella, which I love. The world in the story wasn’t overly done, and it was realistic.

I am a firm believer that if a story plays like a movie in my mind without any disruptions then it’s a winner.

There are supernatural elements, which I LOVE, in Enough Blue Sky to Mend a Pair of Sailor’s Trousers. I will not spoil anything about the novella, but I will say that the way Clyde personifies certain eternal forces is very well done,and I absolutely loved how they fit into their roles.

Clyde’s novella is a most read, and everyone who enjoys a great LGBTQ+ story, pick this one up!!!!!

When he releases the novella upon the world, and you do NOT want to miss out on it.

When it is released, I will do a FULL book review. I don’t want to spoil anything about the story.

Find Clyde on twitter @CDAndrews11