A Review of the Graphic Novel Esemtu, Vol. 1


Title: Esemtu, Vol. 1

Author: Karin Springer

Illustrator: Raphaela Springer

Genre: Graphic Novel

Cover: A

Art: A+


Three university students get tangled up in a mystery murder. However, they realize that they’ll have to open their minds to the supernatural to solve this case. Soon, they find themselves dragged into a magic world of fantastic creatures, gods, demons and immortals, that will change their lives forever.
Join them in their thrilling adventure to uncover the ancient secrets!


I absolutely love this graphic novel! The characters were well presented and realistic. Karin did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the story with the emotions in each panel. Now, I have always loved graphic novels and comic books, so this format was ingenious. The dialogues were well written. I was truly immersed in this world of murder, mystery, demons, and gods.

The artistic showcase was AMAZING. I highly suggest this novel for everyone. The panels flow from one to the next, maintaining your attention.

I strongly grade this graphic novel a 5/5.