A Young Man's Game Book Review

Title: A Young Man’s Game

Author: Paul Blake

Genre: Thriller/Espionage

Pages: 245

Blurb: "An enjoyable and fun spy thriller" - Barbara Nadel, Silver Dagger Winner

The EXPLOSIVE debut thriller from Paul Blake

Alec Foster is no Jason Bourne.

He is Head of Section in Berlin for M16. He is fifty-one, and a borderline alcoholic counting down the days to retirement. Alec is told of a plot to assassinate a British Minister and that there is a traitor in M16.

As he tries to uncover the traitor, he is chased across Berlin by the assassins, th Russian SVR and the Berlin Police. He must use his long-forgotten skills and push his body to the very limits to survive.

He comes face to face with actions from his past, as everything and everyone he cares about is threatened.

Rating: 5/5

Cover: A

Review: Paul Blake's A Young Man's Game is filled with action that holds your attention, characters that are relatable; relatable in the way that they make you experience the entire wheel of emotions. Paul's descriptions are on point, and the reader can visualize everything that is happening. The story held my attention the whole time. Alec is such a dynamic and realistic protagonist. The actions sequences show how a 51 year-old-man would operate in such conditions.

I have loved the city of Berlin my whole life, and the amount of detail he put into world building is outstanding. I give this story a strong 5/5 stars. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves this genre, and people who enjoy Jason Bourne-style action.

The cover gets a strong A. The colors work well with the image. It has a Western European vibe, and it is very fitting for the theme of the story.


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