The Guts and Glory of Inside Out


Title: Inside Out

Author(s): Tiffany Christina Lewis

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Pages: 218

Book Blurb: Detective Michael Taylor, of the Oakland PD, is the lead on a horrific serial killer case. For six weeks, he has been cleaning up mounds of the killer’s mess. Bodies of men have been found chopped up and left, skin down, for display. Michael, mysterious to many in his department, is desperate to solve this case.

Michael’s only form of stress relief, Candy, a stripper employed at a San Francisco club, begins to show genuine interest in him and they form a relationship a midst all the chaos that is Michael’s life. Between interviews and police reports, Michael makes time for her.

Candy, more commonly known as Vanessa, gets tangled in Michael's case as things unfold. A killer’s desire for retribution leaves her a victim of crime. Vanessa has to use her wit and charm to keep a killer at bay as she leaves bread crumbs for Michael to follow. The lovers must survive a serial killers plot for vengeance while practicing trust and loyalty throughout.



Rating: 5/5

Cover: A

Review: The character development in Tiffany’s Inside Out was well paced and well written. Initially, Detective Michael comes off as a workaholic. And enters, Candy, a.k.a. Venessa; his love. He starts to consider changing the way he lives his life. This decision plagues many individuals in reality. Tiffany did a great job showing his struggle.

Her imagery of the Bay Area and Oakland really makes you feel as though you are in California.

The pace of the novella made me think that I was watching a mystery/thriller movie.

The ending is shocking and suspenseful, yet I WON’T ruin the ending! No spoilers!

The cover is so great! Having a single, hooded man coming at you with a knife??? The cover screams Thriller and Mystery. I am so happy with Tiffany’s choice of cover! Her cover gets an A from me!

I can NOT wait for her next novella! Please, check out her story and her twitter. She is an enormous, caring influencer in the Twitter Writing Community. She’s a great person.

You need to check out this novella. She did a fantastic job!

You can find it out on Amazon.

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