From Chaos Comes Order Book Review


Title: From Chaos Comes Order (Book One Chaos)

Author(s): Jimi A. Rodriguez

Pages: 336

Genre: Fantasy/Coming of Age

Book Blurb: Surviving in a school of magic and murder is not easy! Jacob Titus is a forgotten boy from Eslor Island. With an absent father and a mother who battles Alzheimer's disease, Jacob has long learned to care for himself. When he is discovered by a magical talent hunter, Jacob makes the difficult choice to leave his home and enter the Valcrest School for the Promised. As his school years go by, Jacob has to spend as much time trying to stay alive as he does finding a cure for his mother. As violence and blood lust at the school escalate, Jacob must learn to figure out who he can trust. All he wanted was to save his mother. Now he must save himself.


Rating: 5/5

Cover: A

Author Website:

Review: From Chaos Comes Order is a story about a boy named Jacob whose life is horrible. To add to it, his mother has Alzheimer’s. He is recruited by the Valcrest School. He has a choice to make…does he leave his mother and attend this amazing magical school or stay with his mother.

For the next certain amount of time (you know I don’t give anything away), there are battles with himself and others.

The storyline is very entertaining and pulls you into his world. I enjoyed Jacob, the MC. I have experience with having a sick parent, and I understand a lot of his ideas and thoughts. I really felt for Jacob. The choices that he had to make. His experiences alone make it an emotional page turner.

I love a story with a magic academy. It makes me think back to the times when I waited for my Hogwarts Letter, which never came. It’s ok. I survived. But now Jacob is faced with the decision…does he attend the story or stay and take care of his mother? Read this great book to find out.

The world-building is well written and realistic. The imagery that Jimi wrote really does pull you in. I wasn’t able to take my eyes off the pages. You wouldn’t regret reading this novel.

The cover pulls you right into the story. The colors and images are what grabbed my attention. I give the over an A. Everyone judges a book by its cover. So, why don’t you add an attractive book cover to your collection?

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The novel requires your full attention. If you take your eyes off of it…you may have to reread the sentence or paragraph. This fact did NOT ruin my rating.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy and magical realism.