Cosmic Phases Book Review

Title: Cosmic Phases

Author: Lenee H.

Pages: 200

Genre: Poetry

Blurb: Cosmic Phases is a collection of poetry written by Lenee H. which explores subjects such as depression, loss, healing, love, and more. Each piece is drawn from personal experience and inspiration from stories and art in the world.

Rating: 5/5

Cover: A

I received a copy of Cosmic Phases in exchange for a true and honest review. Now, Poetry isn't my normal read, but what I have to say is quite powerful. The poems in this novel are emotional, empowering and well written. I don't know how long Lenee has written poetry, but her poems are very well written. They carry so much emotion that you will want to cry. It's rare that I find a poetry book so moving. As stated above, poetry isn't my genre, but she has made me aware that there are powerful Modern day Poets out there (of course all the classics is a given). 

The “Saturn” section was my favorite. Moving. Powerful. Pg. 13 really moved me. We have all felt that way at least once in our lives. It makes you think of your life…the good and the bad.

Pg. 146 in “Venus” is so true. We all have admire those who appeared strong, but when you grow up, your views and perceptions change. Your awareness widens and one becomes wiser.

The cover gets an A from me. It is quite simplistic, but I feel as though that is why it complaints the artistic talent in Lenee’s poems. She allows her poetry to speak for the book not the cover. Plus, I love space, and how much do you really need? She hit the nail on the head with this one. Great job, Lenee!

I highly recommend this collection of poems to everyone even the people who don't read poetry. You will learn something.

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