Sentinels: The One True Child

Sentinels Review

Title: Sentinels: The One True Child

Author(s): L.C. Conn

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 490

Book Blurb: In his rage, Chaos destroys the world he created. From his destruction,Order is born. Order brings forth pure beings known as Sentinels. From the Sentinels comes the One True Child.
Carling, raised as a normal daughter of The People, was brought up to believe in the value of love and caring, of kindness and tolerance, only to learn of the darker, more sinister teachings of Chaos and his plans for her. Forced to face her fears, she must leave the only family she has known, and the protection of the valley in the Sacred Lands. Her journey takes her far from the life she knew and closer to her destiny. Along the way she masters untapped abilities of her heritage. Chaos hunts Carling until their ultimate encounter. Can Carling stand as the Sword of Order? Failure means the destruction of her world. Carling cannot fail.

Rating: 4/5

Cover: A

Review: I received a copy of this novel in exchange for a true and honest review. I enjoyed the book. I am a fan of all fantasy stories. In Sentinels, Order realizes that it needs..well...order, so the Sentinels are created. Beings of immense power and strength. When Order's plan doesn't goes as planned, it creates a special child. A One and True Child. The story centers around her journey of self-discovery; choices and their mistakes.
The characters are interesting. I wish that they showed more emotion. The "show" vs "tell" idea came to me many times when reading this story. 

The cover gets an A from me. It’s visually appealing. The cover pulls a reader, and the story idea keeps the reader engaged in the story.
There were a few times when my attention wandered, but I still enjoyed the story. It is an interesting and good read! Give it a try!




L.C. Conn grew up on the outskirts of Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Her backyard encompassed the surrounding farmland, river, hills and mountains which she wandered with her brothers and fed her imagination. After discovering a love for writing in English class at the age of eight, she continued to write in secret. It was not until much later in life that L.C. turned what she thought was a hobby and something fun to do, into her first completed novel. Now married, L.C. moved from New Zealand to Perth, Western Australia, and became a stay at home mum. While caring for her family and after battling breast cancer, a story was born from the kernel of a dream. The first book of The One True Child Series was begun, and just kept blooming into seven completed stories.








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