In the Shadows of War Book Review!


Title: In the Shadows of War

Author: Patrick M. Gary

Genre: Fiction

Pages: 324

Cover: B

Rating: 4/5


Glen Kinsella has just finished opening all his high school graduation cards proclaiming him to be on the doorstep of an exciting life. But as the summer of 1970 begins, Glen is living with his deluded grandfather and an array of desperate residents in a Midwestern prairie town that has withered to near-extinction - a town populated primarily by the sagging shells of long-abandoned houses. Hope is not one of Glen's traits. In high school, he was known as the retard's brother. He never had a date, nor even tried to be on speaking terms with someone as sophisticated as Suzanne. But as his grandfather always said, anything is possible in Corcoran. And in the summer of 1970, that prediction appears to be finally coming true. After decades of planning the revival of his beloved town, Glen's grandfather convinces a group of women whose husbands have been sent to Vietnam to live in Corcoran. Soon they begin renovating an old ballroom, where Suzanne will perform for the grand opening. But all this new life is threatened when a disgraced war vet arrives, harboring a secret about one of the husbands that will thrust the town into the center of political controversy.


I was given a copy of this novel in exchange for a true and honest review. The story centers around a group of individuals that deal with causalities of war. I am a Navy veteran, so I found the story very moving. The characters are true and real. Dynamic development. Relatable. In some instances, I saw myself in the story. I read the story in one sitting. I couldn't put the book down. If you enjoy war stories with real situations, and the life that comes with veterans then you should pick up this book.