The Realm of The Awakening


Title: The Awakening: Book One

Author(s): K.L. Hagaman

Genre: Action & Adventure; Contemporary Fiction

Pages: 354

Book Blurb: As their territory is thrown into chaos, princess Lilja and her keeper, a unique guardian by the name of Kaden, must find a resolution and return peace to a people driven by fear. But how does one exactly restore a fallen kingdom if they can’t even remember it? After an incident of war, Lilja has found herself just there—lost inside her own mind and a stranger to her very existence. Their destinies entwined, Lilja and Kaden’s only hope rests in the hands of a magic wielder whose price for salvation may just be more dangerous than the war itself. Together they must forge a path to save their civilization, but first they will need to come to terms with who they both truly are, because the past is always just around the corner.



Rating: 5/5

Cover: A+

Review: The characters in The Awakening are so relatable. If an author can create characters that someone can actually relate to…isn’t that half the battle? Well, she did an amazing job. Kaden is such a dynamic character, and everyone knows a “Kaden”.

Lilja is a beautiful, strong princess who is truly lost in her own mind. How did this happen? I won’t spoil anything ;). You truly must read KL Hagaman’s book for the answer.

The way she expresses cultural differences is outstanding and current as well.

And of course there is magic! Her magic system, yet not unique, BUT well done! Don’t get me wrong. Her words (and spells ;D) will pull you into her story.

There’s conflict, battles and war. Who doesn’t love that? Her scenes are “show” versus “tell” and I love that!

The Awakening is really a must read! Go grab your copy on Amazon for $3.99!

Now, the cover (honestly) is my FAVORITE part! Look at all those scrolls!!!! The cover screams PROPHECY, and I am a fan of the art. Whoever did the cover is a genius. The cover earns an A+.

Honestly, go grad a copy. You will not be disappointed at all.

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